NI-Hillary-Harvey-2015_0118Fun Fact: I live in an old sea captain’s house in Kingston, New York, with my college sweetheart and our three muses.

My eyes and my ears are my bread and butter.  I’m a freelance photographer who documents people and places.  When I photographed weddings, I was inducted into The Knot's “Best of Weddings” Hall of Fame. My portraits get around, to magazine pages, business websites, book jackets, and they hang in some of the nicest homes around the Hudson Valley and NYC. 

Now I’m stretching my verbal wings as the Kids & Family Editor for Chronogram Magazine. Every month I write a column about parenting communities and issues that are particularly inspiring and awesome.  And every week I write a piece about the family fun to be found around town.

Even though I research parenting methods and photograph people for a living, I have no tips about either parenting or being a better person, but if you’re up for a little humanity and maybe a good laugh sometimes, hang out at my journal, Intent. And write a comment or like it, so I know you’re out there.